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Joseph A. Bellanti, MD
Joseph A. Bellanti, M.D.
2004 – present
Guy A. Settipane, MD
Associate Editor:
Russell A. Settipane, M.D.
2004 – present

Executive Editorial Board
American Board Members:

Sami L. Bahna, M.D.
     Shreveport, LA

William Berger, M.D.
     Mission Viejo, CA

Michael Blaiss, M.D.
     Memphis, TN

Malcolm Blumenthal, M.D.
     Minneapolis, MN

Warner W. Carr, M.D.
     Glenwood, M.D.

Bradley Chipps, M.D.
     Sacramento, CA

Linda S. Cox, M.D.
     Fort Lauderdale, FL

Timothy Craig,D.O.
     Hershey, PA

Lawrence M. DuBuske, M.D.
     Gardner, MA

Chitra Dinakar, M.D.
     Kansas City, MO

Mark S. Dykewicz, M.D.
     St. Louis, MO

Stanley Fineman, M.D.
     Marietta, GA

Lawrence D. Frenkel, M.D.
     Rockford, IL

Marianne Frieri, M.D.
     East Meadow, NY

Sandra Gawchik,D.O.
     Chester, PA

Stanley Goldstein, M.D.
     Rockville Centre, NY

Daniel Hamilos, M.D.
     Boston, MA

Bettina C. Hillman, M.D.
     Tyler, TX

Richard Honsinger, M.D.
     Los Alamos, NM

Donald E. Klein, M.D.
     Providence, RI

Bobby Q. Lanier, M.D.
     Fort Worth, TX

D. Betty Lew, M.D.
     Memphis, TN

Eric Macy, M.D.
     San Diego, CA

Kevin McGrath, M.D.
     Fairfield, CT

Christopher C. Randolph, M.D.
     Waterbury, CT

Diane E. Schuller, M.D.
     Hershey, PA

Robert J. Settipane, M.D.
     Providence, RI

Russell A. Settipane, M.D.
     Providence, RI

Charles J. Siegel, M.D.
     Kansas City, MO

Ronald Simon, M.D.
     LaJolla, CA

Raymond G. Slavin, M.D.
     St. Louis, MO

Ricardo U. Sorenson, M.D.
     New Orleans, LA

Frank Twarog, M.D.
     Brookline, MA

John M. Weiler, M.D.
     Iowa City, IA

Peter Weller, M.D.
     Boston, MA

Hugh Windom, M.D.
     Sarasota, FL

International Board Members

Attilio Boner, PhD
     Verona, Italy

Jean Bousquet, M.D. PhD

Helen Chan, M.D.
     Hong Kong

Tse Wen Chang, PhD

Felicidad Cua-Lim, M.D.
     San Juan, Philipines

Alejandro Escobar, M.D.
     Mexico City, Mexico

Alessandro Fiocchi, M.D. PhD
     Milano, Italy

Sandra N. Gonzalez Diaz, M.D.
     Monterrey, Mexico

Kamal Maurice Hanna, M.D.
     Cairo, Egypt

S.T. Holgate, PhD
     Southampton, UK

Patrick Holt, PhD
     W. Australia

Jose´ G. Huerta Lo´pez, M.D.
     Mexico City, Mexico

S. Gunnar O. Johannson, PhD

Matti Korppi, M.D. PhD
     Koupio, Finland

Marek L. Kowalski, M.D.
     Lodz, Poland

Mario LaRosa, PhD
     Catania, Italy

Samuel Malka, M.D.
     Miami, FL

Hugo Neffen, M.D.
     Sante Fe, Argentina

Elio Novembre, M.D. PhD
     Florence, Italy

Antero G. Palma-Carlos, M.D.
     Lisbon, Portugal

Giorgio Piacentini, PhD
     Verona, Italy

P. Pohunek, M.D. PhD
     Czech Republic

Kostas Priftis, M.D. PhD
     Athens, Greece

Johannes Ring, M.D. PhD

J. Rosado-Pinto PhD
     Lisbon, Portugal

Section Editors

Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls
Warner W. Carr, M.D.

Robert Nathan, M.D.

“POPS” Case Reports
Joseph A. Bellanti, M.D.

Editorial/Publishing Staff:

Susan Colucci, Jane Fallon, Virginia Loiselle and Diane Zerba.

Advertising Representative: Jim Brady, James T. Brady, Inc., 259 Mineola Blvd., Ste 206, Mineola, N.Y. 11501 (516)742-7960

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